Craft beers in Budapest

Hungarian beer is nothing special, it really isn’t that good, and the mass produced stuff is actually quite bad. Because of this sad state of affairs, some young entrepreneurs decided to start a craft beer revolution and voilà! Half a decade later you have artisan beer places, a crowd of enthusiasts, great bars that serve only craft beers, and of course, a Budapest pub crawl that takes visitors to these awesome places.

Join us as we see what the homemade, small batch community has to offer, as we go to establishments serving only craft beers. Craft beers are always handmade, not mass produced, are always top quality, and can be found at several places in Budapest, if you know where to look, and that’s where we enter the picture. If you or someone you are visiting Budapest with is a beer aficionado, then this is a must! Good food, great beers, and a pleasant, laid back but high quality atmosphere can be had at these places, and we will invite you to a disco or dance hall after the beer tasting tour to dance the night away! In the next couple of months, as the hops have just been harvested, expect a large dollop of IPAs and bitters, but the selection is always changing, as the batches keep coming in. These tours are registration only, so visit us and book a craft beer tour today!

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